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A picture of myself

Oh, hello there :)

I'm a theoretical phonologist who worries too much about melodic representation. I'm doing a PhD at UCL, where I research laryngeal contrast in nasals and on Welsh phonology (especially quantity and mutation), and teach on some introductory linguistics courses. Sometimes I also do other linguisticy things, like working on auxiliary deletion or minority languages.

When I'm not doing linguistics I enjoy writing software, advocating green politics, cycling, theology, exploring the great outdoors, reading Thoreau, carving spoons, cooking, and Tai Chi Chuan. It is one of my personal dreams to spend a year or two in a little hut by the beach, preferably in Catalonia or South America, wearing a panama hat with a hole, drinking too much cheap rose and writing bad poetry.

Recent news...

  • Sep '16: Presented on epenthesis in Llansteffan Welsh at the 9th Celtic Linguistics Conference (with Caitlin Jones)
  • Aug '16: Successfully upgraded from MPhil to PhD student status
  • Mar '16: Been recommended for award of Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (:
  • Feb '16: Had successful ankle hardware removal surgery. No more beeping at the airport!
  • Jan '16: Been confirmed in the Catholic Church. You may call me Maximilian-Peter
  • Nov '15: Presented on Welsh Auxiliary Deletion at Donders Discussions in Nijmegen
  • Sep '15: Presented on Headedness in Nasals at the 45th Poznan Linguistic Meeting
  • Sep '15: Presented on Welsh Initial Consonant Mutations at the LAGB Annual Meeting